Sand, pressure and investment (raw or fully machined)

Examples include:

  • Aluminium LM25 sand casting CNC machined and leak tested to 6 bar
  • Stainless steel 316Land 17/4 ph investment castings (x-rayed, dye penetrate tested, electro polished and serial numbered)
  • Nickel based super alloy castings


Hot, cold and warm forging processes for the automotive sector

Examples include:

  • Micro alloy hot forgings (punched holes and controlled cooled)
  • Cold forgings (machined and plated)
  • C45 hot forgings (heat treated, branded, coined and crack detected)

General Fabrications

Stamping parts and assemblies

Examples include:

  • Safety critical stainless steel fabricated assemblies
  • Stampings (powder coated)
  • Robot welded and polished fabrications


Precision CNC machining

Examples include:

  • Extruded 6082 T6 grade aluminum plate fully machined
  • Precision machined brass items to 40 microns tolerance range
  • Stainless steel 304 machined and threaded components

Our Product Advice Service

Sometimes the most obvious manufacturing process isn’t always the best solution for you. Making some simple changes can easily improve the reliability, detail and cost effectiveness of your product.  And that’s where our years of experience and expertise comes in. We’re happy to consult and advise on your product design to find the most practical way to turn your plans into effective components.