How it Works

By becoming a key component in your business, we understand what you need and when you need it. This means we can guarantee a constant supply so you never have a shortage of stock.

Approved Packaging

If you have a specific packaging requirement, we’ll take care of it. We’ll also audit and code your stock for accountability – giving you the added peace of mind of having traceability.

Dedicated Warehousing

Our secure distribution facility allows us to store large amounts of stock for our customers, keeping our customers inventory costs low. You don’t need to organise storage space and we can ensure on-time deliveries.

Live Web Service

Our customer login facility gives you access to up to date stock counts at our warehouse and goods in transit – valuable information for your planning and delivery schedules.

Flexible Deliveries

We have the flexibility to increase or decrease shipment quantities in line with changes in demand.


Customer Schedule Analysis

By analysing your production schedules, we can forecast accurate timing plans for the next 12 months.

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